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News Prediction Markets

Predict election outcomes and Trump’s exit date on the Fairlay news section. Bet on the Game of Thrones characters using Bitcoins and be crowned with the Iron Throne. Forecast anything; from entertainment to politics and win big!

We provide a completely open market, meaning you can set your markets like Betfair. Trade on the results of the upcoming elections like the USA general elections, Nigeria general election, India general election, and Russia election.

Don’t hesitate to turn your political knowledge into profits!

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Will someone write a stand-alone Fairlay Client?

This market is about a stand-alone ...

Not provided -10000.0

What will happen first


Referendum +189.9
General Election -190.8

Another In/Out EU referendum before 2020


Yes +262.7
No -259.0

What will happen first


Britain to leave the EU +114.8

Article 50 revocation


Second vote of no confidence in the Government to take place


UK to hold European Parliamentary Elections in May 2019


Yes -925.9

Next General Election


Articles of impeachment against Trump


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