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How to use Fairlay

How to generate new addresses and make your first deposit

We have now a new interface for our deposits page. We wanted to make it easier and more intuitive for you, in a manner you can get a better experience using

To reach the new deposits page, you have to login and click on your username to open up the menu, and then select Deposit.

The Deposits page will load and you will able to see the altcoins you can deposit, your wallet address and its QR code (so you can scan it instead of typing), your total and available balances.

To make your deposit, you now have to select the cryptocurrency you wish to complete the operation and the correspondent wallet addresses will be listed. You can also generate a new one if you wish. At this moment we operate with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH and Bitcoin Cash.

For your convenience, all wallet addresses you’ve already used are shown in this drop-down menu.

Now you have your wallet address and you can proceed with your deposit, using the altcoin of your choice.

Your deposits history will be kept in our records and shown below in the page after they are processed.

If you need any assistance performing this action, don’t hesitate to contact us via support.

How to make a withdraw

We’ve introduced a new page for you to proceed with your withdrawals. We wanted to make it simpler and more intuitive, in a way for you to get a better user experience.

At the withdrawal page, first select the cryptocurrency you have funds and wish to withdraw.

Then, you need to type in the wallet address you wish to transfer the cryptocurrencies to. For your convenience, if you’re withdrawing to a known account, previously typed-in wallet addresses will be available on a dropdown list for you to choose from.

After that, the third step you type in the amount you wish to withdraw. You’ll be able to see your available balance.

If you want a Priority Withdrawal, check the box. There will be an extra fee for this type of withdrawal.

With all set, click withdraw. Your request will be sent to the network in a few minutes.

Your withdrawals history will also be available for your record keeping.

If you need any assistance doing this, don’t hesitate to contact us via support.

How to contact our support

We have a new communication channel between users and Fairlay. It’s a private support chat, you can find it on a blue message button located on the bottom right corner of every Fairlay page. There you can ask us questions, report issues you may have or any other inquiry in a private way.

In order to send us a private question or comment, you need to be logged-in or perform an Instant Sign-up (creating an account with just one click and no email required).

Once you are logged-in, you are able to send us a message. To do so, click on the blue button, click on the Support Tab, and then type in the bottom of the box.

As our teams are located in multiple time zones, we need up to 24 hours to process your answers properly and give you feedback.

When your request is answered, there’ll be a notification and the number of unread messages you have on the Support tab.

We hope to hear a lot from you, help on your predictions and improve our platform.