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Tipping with FairlayTip

Reward people you think deserve it with FairlayTip. Donate substantial amounts or just give small tips with our cryptocurrency tipping bots for social media (running on Twitter, Reddit and Discord Platforms). Tip anyone you’d like with BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC and BCH directly from your unlocked wallet. Once you tip someone, Fairlay will credit their digital assets to a brand new account. The tip receiver will be notified by direct message and privately receive a link that provides access to his funds. If the tip receiver already has a Fairlay account linked to their social media account the balance will simply be credited to the existing Fairlay account.

How can I use FairlayTip?

Now lets see how FairlayTip works: First, you will need a Fairlay account. After signing-up, enter the FairlayTip page. Click on the ‘New Social Account’ button and you’ll be asked to link your social media username to your Fairlay account. Now that it is all set up you are ready to start tipping. The tip receivers don´t need a Fairlay account to get their tips, just social media accounts.

Tipping on Twitter

On Twitter you need to reply to the receiver and to @FairlayTip and the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to send:

  • @FairlayTip 1mDASH @realdonaldtrump It’s awesome!
  • @FairlayTip 2 mBCH @adam3us
  • Here are 300 bits @emo_jamie_dimon via @FairlayTip
Example of donation on Twitter

Example of donation on Twitter

Tipping on Reddit

To tip someone on Reddit, you can do so by replying to their post mentioning the user /u/fairlaytip and the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to send:

  • /u/fairlaytip have some Litecoin. 0.1 LTC
  • Dash has very low fees right /u/fairlaytip? Try it out 1 mDASH
  • 300 bits for you /u/fairlaytip
Example of donation on Reddit

Example of donation on Reddit

Tipping on Discord

On Discord you can issues commands to the bot like: !price, !help, !balance, !deposit, !withdrawal, !account or !tip, for example:

  • !tip @TheDesertLynx $1.50 great article

Can I have my tips back if I made a mistake?

Users usually have your tips back if they made a mistake while tipping (invalid address, invalid email or unknown user). But if you tip some existent user by mistake and the transaction is already on the blockchain, it cannot be claimed back. We are aware that tipping someone via Reddit, Twitter, Discord or via Email doesn't mean the receiver will actually claim his newly received cryptocurrency. For this reason there is a time-out if the receiver does not have a digital wallet yet: After 7 days newly created tip accounts will be destroyed again and all funds will be send back to the original sender. No time-outs for existing users, once you receive your tip and see it in your balance, it is yours, we will never take it back. To feel safe we recommend moving any received currency to an address only you control (hardware wallet, keystore). You can also tell the FairlayTip bot to use a specific address for receiving, in this case the funds are always under your control, we can't refund or help with any issues in this case.

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