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Price Bets Prediction Markets

Fairlay enables one to predict the price of Bitcoin at a certain date or even predict if its price will fall or rise. What will be the price of Bitcoin at the end of the year? Will Bitcoin hit the $25k mark by the end of 2019? Price bets like this one can act to guide the decision-making process of cryptocurrency investors.

Fairlay is a Blockchain Betting Platform that offers open markets. Place your bets by opening an instant account and experience the most competitive odds in the Bitcoin gambling industry. All trades are settled and priced in Bitcoin.

The Fairlay Shift Exchange transaction charges have been labelled to be as low as the network allows and MUCH lower than any other exchange and highly competitive.

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Bitcoin price on June 15

This market resolves to the Bitcoin ...

Up to 6000 +662.8
Above 6000 to 8000 +106.0