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Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Los Angeles Valiant


Los Angeles Gladiators -115.0

Will Nicolas Maduro be president of Venezuela on Dec. 31, 2019?

Nicolas Maduro Moros shall hold the …

Yes -331.1

Trump Exit Date 2

When will Donald Trump officially cease …

2018 +1149.4
2020 +771.7
2021 +125.1
2025 or later +184.7
2019 +475.4

Which party will win Michigan in the 2020 presidential election?

The winner of the popular vote …

Democratic -169.7

How many tie-breaking Senate votes will Mike Pence cast in 2019?

The number of tie-breaking votes cast …

2- -561.7

Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Los Angeles Valiant

1st Map

Los Angeles Gladiators -100.9

Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Los Angeles Valiant

2nd Map

Los Angeles Gladiators -100.9

Bitcoin price on September 1

This market resolves to the Bitcoin …

Up to 9000 +600.5
Above 9000 to 10500 +211.4

Toronto Blue Jays (W. Font) @ Seattle Mariners (F. Hernandez)

Game. Pitcher must start.

Toronto Blue Jays +116.0

Texas Rangers (K. Allard) @ Chicago White Sox (I. Nova)

Game. Pitcher must start.

Texas Rangers +119.0

Centro Sportivo Alagoano vs. Cruzeiro

Match Spread for HomeTeam 1.5

Centro Sportivo Alagoano +1.5 -294.9

Bitcoin to fall below 7500 USD before October 1

This market resolves to Yes, if …

Yes +392.3

Akron Regular Season Wins

Akron Regular Season WinsOver/Under Regular Season …

Over 3,5 +137.0

Will a federal charge against John Brennan be confirmed by Dec. 31, 2019?

Subsequent to the launch of this …

Yes +598.5

Who will be next RCP Dem frontrunner by Sep. 30?

The first candidate, other than Joe …

Warren +614.9

Montpellier HSC vs. Lyon

Match Spread for HomeTeam 0.25

Montpellier HSC +0.25 +117.0