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Next President


Michael Bloomberg +1923.0
Donald Trump +105.0
Bernie Sanders +250.0
Joe Biden +153.8
Kamala Harris +693.0
Andrew Yang +3663.0

Real Racing Club Santander vs. CD Lugo

Match Spread for HomeTeam -0.25

Real Racing Club Santander -0.25 -131.9

Presidential Election Winner

Who will be the winner of …

Joe Biden +100.0
Donald Trump +108.0
Kamala Harris +1581.7
Bernie Sanders +1173.4

Joe Biden Democrat Nominee Nov. 3rd

Will Joe Biden be the Democrat …

Biden Dem Nominee -500.0

Mezokovesd-Zsory SE vs. Paksi SE

Match Over/Under 3.0

Over 3.0 +166.0

COVID-19 Deaths in USA 2020

How many deaths in the USA …

Under 100k deaths +400.0

US President Election Winner 2020

Who will win the 2020 United …

Trump +100.0

Will Donald Trump win the popular vote in 2020?

The candidate receiving the most votes …

Yes +300.0

COVID-19 Deaths in USA 2020

Total number of deaths in the …

Under 250k deaths +100.0

Popular Vote Winner

Which candidate will win the popular …

Joe Biden -181.8
Donald Trump +223.9

Which party will win Texas in the 2020 presidential election?

The winner of the popular vote …

Republican -409.8

Which party will win Michigan in the 2020 presidential election?

The winner of the popular vote …

Democratic -207.4

Democratic Nominee


Pete Buttigieg +1200.0
Andrew Yang +2500.0
Joe Biden +292.0
Bernie Sanders +250.0
Oprah Winfrey +4059.0
Kamala Harris +376.2