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Predict sports matches like American Football, Tennis, Soccer, Rugby, Golf, Volleyball, NBA, NFL, HFL, MMA, eSports, Horse Racing, Motorsport, Table Tennis, Winter sports, and events like elections using Bitcoins. We offer game spread, outright, over/under, full-time and half-time betting options. Place your bets on Fairlay’s sportsbook betting exchange and enjoy the thrill of the game! Predict election outcomes and Trump’s exit date on the Fairlay news section and swap cryptocurrencies instantly using the Fairlay Shift Exchange.

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Game Spread

Arizona Coyotes @ Boston Bruins

Game Spread for HomeTeam -0.5

Arizona Coyotes +0.5 +108.0

Will a federal criminal charge against Donald Trump, Jr. be confirmed by year-end 2018?

Subsequent to the launch of this ...

Yes +547.7

Will Elizabeth Warren run for president in 2020?

Recently, Elizabeth Warren edged a little ...

Yes -473.9

Will the 2020 Democratic nominee for president be a woman?

A woman shall win the 2020 ...

Yes +126.7

Will Donald Trump be impeached in his first term?

It's all kicking off again in ...

Yes +141.1

Will Donald Trump be impeached by year-end 2019?

By 11:59:59 p.m.(ET) on December 31, ...

Yes +188.8

Theresa May exit date

Bet on the best Theresa May ...

Oct 2018 - Dec 2018 +373.8

Club Brugge vs. Atletico Madrid


Club Brugge +594.0
Atletico Madrid -152.2
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Toronto Raptors @ Los Angeles Clippers


Toronto Raptors -189.0

Will Mike Pence run for president in 2020?

Vice President Mike Pence shall become ...

Yes +870.6

Bitcoin price on January 1

This market resolves to the Bitcoin ...

Above 4500 to 6000 +649.5

Crvena Zvezda vs. Paris Saint Germain

Match Spread for HomeTeam 2

Crvena Zvezda +2 +117.8

Bitcoin to top 6000 USD before February 1

This market resolves to Yes, if ...

Yes +383.4