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AC Oulu vs. Seinajoen JK II

Match Spread for HomeTeam -2.25

AC Oulu -2.25 +107.0

Who will be Trump's next Supreme Court nominee?

Following the launch of this Market, …

Mansfield +107.9

Roman Bogatov vs. Leonardo Santos

Fight Over/Under 2.5

Over 2.5 -149.9

Which party will win Arizona in the 2020 presidential election?

The winner of the popular vote …

Democratic -155.5

Jessica Andrade vs. Rose Namajunas

Fight Over/Under 2.5

Over 2.5 -134.9

Will Donald Trump win any state he lost in 2016?

This market shall resolve to Yes …

Yes +216.0

COVID-19 Deaths in USA 2020

How many deaths in the USA …

Under 1 million deaths -105.2

Elizeu Zaleski vs. Muslim Salikhov

Fight Over/Under 2.5

Over 2.5 -125.0

What will be the net change in Senate seats, by party?

The winning contract shall be that …

Dems +3 +657.6
Dems +4 +558.7
Dems +2 +598.6
Dems +5 +701.5
Dems +7 or more +604.8

Will the US economy hit 5.0%+ GDP growth by year-end 2020?

The annual rate of increase in …

Yes -281.6

Will Hillary Clinton run for president in 2020?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton …

Yes +693.7