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Futures Prediction Markets

What will be the price of Bitcoin at the end of the year? What will be the price of oil in mid next year? Create your future markets like the ones above and bet on them at Fairlay. We operate with Binary options and CFD future contracts.

Just like in Betfair Bitcoin betting, you can also trade insurance tools and other financial derivatives at Fairlay. There is no ownership of the underlying asset; all trades are priced and paid in Bitcoin.

Future/long bets have been established to improve long-term thinking. Predict the future of various events now and watch things unfolding. Remember, Fairlay is the future of reliable information!

Make expectation using our platform on a large scale. Capture profits easy when make a market on Fairlay instead of Augur. Gnosis’ efforts are led by co-founders Martin Koppelmann and Stefan George. Co-founder and CEO Martin Koppelmann is the creator of the Bitcoin prediction market Fairlay.

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Will Blockstream be a successful company in 2020?

This market resolves to Yes, if …

Yes +200.0