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Predict election outcomes and Trump’s exit date on the Fairlay news section. Bet on the Game of Thrones characters using Bitcoins and be crowned with the Iron Throne. Forecast anything; from entertainment to politics and win big!

We provide a completely open market, meaning you can set your markets like Betfair. Trade on the results of the upcoming elections like the USA general elections, Nigeria general election, India general election, and Russia election.

Don’t hesitate to turn your political knowledge into profits!

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Trump Exit Date 2

When will Donald Trump officially cease …

2018 +1149.4
2019 +475.4
2020 +771.7
2021 +125.1
2025 or later +184.7

Republican Nominee

Who will be elected to be …

Donald Trump -337.8

Winning Party

Which party's nominee will win the …

Democrats -151.2

No Deal Brexit in 2019 - Yes or No?

Will the UK leave the EU …

Yes +215.9

Will Donald Trump, Jr. publicly testify before Congress in 2019?

No earlier than January 1, 2019 …

Will Congress ratify the USMCA by year-end 2019?

On or before 11:59:59 p.m.(ET) on …

Yes +194.1

Will Mark Cuban run for president in 2020?

Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner and celebrity …

Yes +599.9

NBA 2019/20


Philadelphia 76ers +1111.2
Los Angeles Lakers +373.8
Brooklyn Nets +2376.0

Who will be next RCP Dem frontrunner by Sep. 30?

The first candidate, other than Joe …

Harris -165.8

Will Donald Trump be impeached in his first term?

It's all kicking off again in …

Yes +289.6

Will Trump pardon Manafort in 2019?

In 2019 (ET), President Donald Trump …

Yes +598.5

Presidential Election Winner

Who will be the winner of …

Kamala Harris +1581.7
Joe Biden +1519.0
Bernie Sanders +1173.4
Donald Trump +210.7

Will someone write a stand-alone Fairlay Client?

This market is about a stand-alone …

Not provided -10000.0
Yes ok +100.0

Will Donald Trump remain President of the United States until january 2020?

This market will resolve to YES …

Yes -1123.5

Articles of impeachment against Trump


No -348.4
Yes +514.8

Dundee United, Motherwell & Algeria all to win on Friday, July 19th


What is the price of BTC in 2019?

What is the price of 1 …

Between 2500 and 5000 +100.0

Who will be 2nd in RCP Dem polling on Aug. 1?

The candidate with the second highest …

Sanders +280.2
Warren +323.0
Biden +400.5
Harris +165.0

Will John Kasich run for president in 2020?

John Kasich has consistently been a …

Yes +105.7

Will Mueller publicly testify before Senate or House Judiciary by July 31?

Subsequent to the launch of this …

Yes +275.4

Who will be Trump's next Supreme Court nominee?

Following the launch of this Market, …

Jeremy Chardy, Albert Ramos Vinolas, Federico Delbonis & Richard Gasquet all to win on Friday, July 19th


Chris Williamson MP


Next Managing Director of the IMF


Austrian General Election: Vote share percentages - all parties


Conservative Leadership contest


Conservative Leadership contest


The UK to leave the EU on 31 October 2019


Austrian General Election: Vote share percentages - all parties


Next Prime Minister after Theresa May


Boris Johnson -421.9
Jeremy Hunt +1138.5
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