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Forecast future events such as oil´s price at some date, or if a company will succeed until some specific time. Fairlay operates with Binary options and CFD futures contracts.

Create and trade insurance tools and financial derivatives. There is no ownership of the underlying asset, all trades are priced and settled in Bitcoin.

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Industry-low 0.05% Commission

Maximise your returns betting, trading and hedging on Fairlay's markets with an industry-low commission of 0.05% to 0.25%.

P2P Betting Exchange

Bet against other users, get better value in your wagers with larger control and lower margins than traditional sports betting bookmakers.

Strong Market Makers

Fairlay provides the liquidity you need to get the most competitive odds in the prediction market industry.

Will Blockstream be a successful company in 2020?

This market resolves to Yes, if Blockstream will have an estimated market evaluation of at least 250.000.000 USD or at least 50 employees on Dec 31th, 2020. If Blockstream is sold for less than 250.000.000 USD before that day and in all other cases this market resolves to No. . The resolution date of this market may be accelerated. Bets matched after the antedated resolution date will be voided.