First to Happen - Brexit/May to Leave?

+166.6 May to leave office of PM

Which will occur first? The United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union or Teresa May leaves the office of Prime Minister? For the purposes of this market leaving the EU is defined as the date when the treaties of the EU cease to apply to the UK. Examples of when this might occur include, but are not limited, to: the date specified in a withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU; the end of the two year negotiating period (29/03/2019) as set out by Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (or any extension to this time period); or the date of the repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act. If more than one of these events were to occur, this market will be settled on the first of these events to occur. In the case of the two year time period in Article 50 being extended, via a unanimous vote by all EU Member States, we will settle this market on the extended date. This market will settle when the UK leaves the EU even if parts of the UK (e.g. Scotland, Northern Ireland) leave the UK or receive special status within the EU. For the purposes of this market Teresa May leaving the office of Prime Minister includes, but is not limited to, if Teresa May leaves office due electoral loss (both within her own party or by a General Election), death (excluding assassination), incapacity, illness, impeachment or resignation (or anything comparable). All bets will be voided if Teresa May ceases to be Prime Minister of the UK Parliament due to an assassination or an assassination attempt.

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May to leave office of PM
The UK to leave the EU
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