We would like to share some news that might interest you. Fairlay got two recent changes. The first one concerns leaderboards and the second is about our new filtering system for markets.

About having fun on our website, you can now access our leaderboard to track who are the most successful traders on Fairlay.

To access our leaderboard click on Info in the menu available on the homepage. Then select Leaderboards.

The leaderboards will restart every quarter giving anyone the chance to appear among the leaders.

Private profiles will appear as Anon nicknames. See your own winnings visiting this page while logged in.

You can check which user profited the most or which of them had the highest return on investment by choosing these options from the menu on the right side of your screen.

As we mentioned, another change in Fairlay was implemented to give you a better filtering system.

Our intention is to bring to you a better user experience improving the filtering for the markets and sorting of search results.

Before on all pages that listed markets such as home, search and categories many markets with the same name could appear for the same event (one for match, another for corners, etc).

Now the team has implemented another way of classifying markets considering its relevance.

With the Relevant markets filtering on, the listing will show only the most popular markets.

The rule only applies for sports markets at least for a while.

For now, you have to select the option for relevant markets as our default setting makes the filtering stay as usual. To do it so, select settings options as in the image below.

Non-empty Only will be set as default. The other options are:

- Relevant Only: ignore hidden markets, but can show empty markets;

- Relevant & Non-empty: hidden markets and also empty markets;

- All: all markets, including empty ones.

Together with our new relevant filtering system there is a new area on the markets pages where the user can check all other related markets of the same event, including live markets.

To access this area, click on a market you would like to bet. Then expand the Related Markets click on More markets. There you should see all markets that belongs to this event presented in a simple list.

We intend to bring the option to see all related markets in table listings and also cards but we are still studying the best way to do it without any impact on performance.

Hope you enjoy the news,

Fairlay Team