We are glad to announce Fairlay Shift - a new release on our platform where you can exchange cryptocurrencies instantly. This way, your money won’t be held on a centralized exchange - just send and receive digital assets directly using your own addresses. Emails or passwords are not required and you can trade between altcoins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH and Bitcoin Cash anonymously, without having accounts or even a sign up process.

Let’s assume you have DASH and want to trade to Bitcoin. You should follow these steps:

  1. Select your input as DASH and Bitcoin as the output, as shown in the images below:

  2. Enter the amount you want to exchange. If you keep the quick mode on (default), you just need to slide the bar to choose the amount you want to trade. By clicking the Precise mode, you are able to type the exact number to be exchanged.

  3. Enter the Bitcoin wallet address you wish to receive the exchanged amount.

  4. Enter the DASH refund address (in case the order gets cancelled).

  5. Press Continue button and Fairlay Shift generates the DASH deposit address.

  6. Scan the QR code or copy the address to deposit your DASH.

  7. After the deposit, wait a few minutes to get your operation confirmed.

  8. Once confirmed, the coins are exchanged and sent to your receive address. Then by clicking on the transaction link you are now able to see the exchanged coins received on your altcoin wallet.

This simple coin conversion is fast, secure, reliable and you can get better rates exchanging digital assets.

Here you can get some Pro tips:

- It is possible to reuse deposit addresses only if you order a Quick transaction. If you click Precise button, you will choose the amount you want to deposit before Fairlay Shift provides you the deposit address (you won’t be able to reuse it). You’ll be informed how much of the receiving coins you would get with the amount deposited. Precise transactions have higher limit/max amount which you can exchange and usually get the lowest fees.

- If you’ve made a small deposit, there is no confirmation to be processed but larger deposits need at least one confirmation.

- Tiny deposits or deposits that overcome the “Deposit Limit” can be returned to you, with no fees charged.

- The exchange rate floats realtime. Before proceeding your operation, you’d better check the actual rate shown at the bottom of the homepage (shift.fairlay.com) - but be aware that the rate you’ll get will be determined in the exact moment that your deposit is confirmed. The size of your order do not affect the rate you’ll get.

- Fairlay Shift is also available as an API.