Fairlay is one of the biggest bitcoin prediction markets and betting exchange. We seek to predict the future by crowd-sourcing information through a totally open prediction market. Functioning more like a conditional betting exchange, users can bet and view public confidence on various bitcoin and altcoin related events, besides sports, horse racing, e-sports, entertainment, news, politics, finance, economics and more.

Fairlay specializes in obtaining reliable information for all users. Anyone can analyse and hedge risks by creating any kind of binary event derivative or CFD. Someone with newer or more information can bet against the current prediction, improve the forecast and get rewarded in the process.

How to place a Bet with Fairlay

The Fairlay homepage has a simple interface that anybody can easily use. It is divided into eight sections namely: Sports, Futures, News, Horse Racing, Dice, Live, Exchange, and Price Bets.

Each of these sections contains a sub-menu that accommodates more specific queries for sports with multiple events to wager on.
- Select the type of event you want to bet from the available list (Sports, Futures, News, Horse Racing, Dice, and Live events)
- Each event is further broken down into specific sub-events. For example, the Sports field comprises of activities like American Football, Badminton, Bandy, Baseball, Basketball, etc.
- Click on the specific event you want to wager on and place your bets using the available markets (easiest way is to directly enter the amount on the card view, for more options open the Exchange View).

How to Create a New Market

To create a new market, click on your username.
Next, select the sub-menu labelled New Market and a page like the one shown below will appear.

1. Start creating your market by typing the Title of your event.
2. Proceed by describing your event in the Description box (optional, but recommended to get users interested in your market)
3. Enter the close date of your event
4. Enter the settle date of your event (automatically set to 2h after the close date)
5. Enter a minimum of 2 runners separated by a comma, for instance: Team A, Team B
6. Select the category of your event (e.g. eSports)
7. Finish by selecting the competition of your event (if there was a bet like this before, otherwise select Other) and then click the Create button to create your new market.

- What is the price of BTC/ETH in 2019/2020? / How is the Market mood?
- What will the Bitcoin Hashrate in 2019?
- How is the Difficulty Prediction going to fare in 2019?
These are examples of the open prediction markets you can create and wager on.

Betting and creating a market is such easy and simple. Don’t be left behind! Create a free account with Fairlay today and win big!