We are happy to announce we upgraded and made our website faster. If you wish to bet and trade in a safe way and get fast performance on your transactions, Fairlay is the experience you are looking for. As we are always working to improve the user experience at our website, connecting to Fairlay now is 30% faster making queries much more reliable.

There are two main servers working to provide services to Fairlay’s customers. Both are monitored 24/7 to keep uptime. We may have some eventual downtimes and performance issues which are mainly related to bugs or third party services.

Although centralized crypto exchanges provide a wide variety of supported digital currencies, they are often vulnerable to service interruptions caused by large transaction volumes, technical problems, and cyber-attacks. Talking about servers, security is the most concerning part of this job and we make sure to only deploy upgrades on production while keeping our users safe.

In order to improve the average response time for the final user, we made an upgrade on our VPS database and all the services at Fairlay are faster than before. In addition to the improvements on our servers, we also updated our framework to Django 2.1. After some adjustments, our main pages are loading in a second and we still intend to do more improvements in the future.

We are always seeking to improve performance and fixing the problems reported by our helpdesk team and this was our next step intending to provide you the best UX. Enjoy Fairlay is faster and come bet on Will Donald Trump remain President of the United States until January 2020?