After fixing performance and improving UX in October we continually added more features to the platform and got rid of some issues we had in the past with API calls not being as reliable as they should be, sockets related and due to updating to the latest code base. We are happy to announce that the new system is now up and running and has been very stable and our uptime is much better as well, all features (support, chat box, API requests) should be back to normal and we are monitor ongoing issues, let us know if you find any problem with placing orders.

Here is a quick list on what we worked on in the past month:

  • This new blog was added, which fits better into the rest of the website and theme
  • By default Card Views are not used everywhere on the site, including search results, categories and sub categories, but you can always switch back to the older table view via the settings cog in the upper right
  • Navigation is much improved, we have now much simpler to use header and footer with lots of links cleaned up and structured in a more useful way
  • Every of the 40 market categories now features a better description text and useful links to common searches other users are making
  • The site is faster now and the back-end socket issues have been fixed
  • We are also seeing a nice uptick of activity on the site, both from existing users and new users coming in
  • Also check out for an easy and low-fee way to exchange BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and DASH (you don't need an account), or use the build-in exchanges in fairlay to do the same thing (there you also save on the miner fees)
  • Also check out our bots on Discord, Twitter and Reddit, you can connect your Fairlay account to those (@FairlayTip) and tip other people, do coin flips, check the price and do much more.